Cooley talk underscores TE wish

Posted by Darren Urban on July 22, 2015 – 12:24 pm

There is nothing new on the Jermaine Gresham front, other than the veteran tight end visited the Cardinals. But now comes the Adam Schefter report that the team also talked to former Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley — who hasn’t played since 2012 — about possibly signing. Hard to tell what Cooley might have left in the tank, but it certainly underscores the reality that the Cards want to add a veteran tight end given their inexperience at the position. Cooley has apparently been ramping up his workouts thinking he could indeed play again.

I know I’ve had questions about former ASU/Desert Vista tight end Zach Miller as a possibility. I don’t know what his health situation might be; he was dealing with a season-ending ankle injury.

Veterans report to camp a week from Friday.

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Tight end options

Posted by Darren Urban on May 24, 2013 – 3:33 pm

A recent ESPN Insider article breaking down the holes remaining for each NFC West team marked tight end as the spot in which the Cards have a question mark. Some of that — much of that — has to do with the scheme of new coach Bruce Arians and the fact he likes to use two tight ends. Arians has made that abundantly clear.

The main focus will be the play of Rob Housler, in many ways. Arians has said, as Steelers OC, he considered Housler as a big wide receiver prospect when he was coming out for the draft. Does that color his perspective for Housler as tight end? Housler definitely has potential skills as a seam threat. He remains a work-in-progress as a blocker. This is a big year for him. Veteran Jeff King remains in the final year of his contract. He’s coming off recent knee surgery and hasn’t been practicing but the hope is he will be back soon (Veterans have next week off completely, and the final four OTAs take place the first week of June, when King could return.) Jim Dray played a little fullback last season when Anthony Sherman was hurt, has been good on special teams and has turned into a solid seventh-round pick from 2010. Those are your top three tight ends right now.

The Cards drafted D.C. Jefferson in the seventh round this year, and he certainly looks the part, especially of a pass catcher. But the former quarterback — he didn’t become a tight end until getting to Rutgers — is definitely raw at this point. And it’s tough to figure out if he can block yet given that the Cards aren’t in pads and in shorts. They also have holdover Kory Sperry, who was on the roster part of last season, and recent inexperienced signees Alex Gottlieb and Kyle Auffray.

There are a few tight ends still out there, but probably not an upgrade. Dallas Clark? The Colts let him walk away last year as Arians was coming in as offensive coordinator. Kellen Winslow? Injuries have robbed him of what he provided. Chris Cooley, again, another older player who may not have much left. It’s not like the Cards aren’t doing their due diligence on these guys and if they felt bringing someone in would be worth it, they would — could you doubt that after all the changes this offseason?

That said, I could see them adding someone later, after they get an offseason to sort out what they have.


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Dockett does TV — kind of

Posted by Darren Urban on February 1, 2010 – 4:19 pm

Yes, it’s for publicity and yes, sometimes Chad Ochocinco can be a little overbearing at times with his personality. But the Bengals’ Pro Bowl receiver has created this thing call “OCNN” — think CNN, but with Ochocinco … get it? — and is doing various video and social media reports from the Super Bowl. He’s also recruited three fellow NFLers who have made names for themselves in the social media realm, including Darnell Dockett.

We all know Darnell has exploded on Twitter and now he’s joining Redskins TE Chris Cooley and Ravens RB Ray Rice for a week in Miami apparently putting his spin on all things Super Bowl. It’ll be interesting to see how Dockett operates, especially in the video pieces. Is it hard covering a game you were playing in just a season ago? How often will his contract come up? These are the things we need to understand.

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