Fitz talks Leinart UPDATE

Posted by Darren Urban on February 3, 2010 – 10:16 am

Larry Fitzgerald, doing the media rounds down in Miami, appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show. While Kurt Warner was taking more of a wait-and-see attitude with what Matt Leinart can do, Fitz clearly tried to be a little more upbeat — no shock since Fitz needs Leinart to succeed.

“A lot of the experience Kurt is talking about (that Leinart didn’t get) is due to him,” Fitzgerald said. “(Kurt) is a Hall of Fame player and Matt Leinart, having to back him up for so many years, it’s made it difficult. It’s not about Matt Leinart not being able to play. I just think it’s been how good Kurt’s been able to play. He really set the bar high.”

Patrick followed up by asking Fitz if he knew what he is getting with Leinart as starting QB.

“I am getting a guy who has been here four years now, who studied, who is prepared and who is willing and eager to take on the role of starting quarterback,” Fitzgerald said. “I am going to do everything in my power to expedite the process by going out and making plays and I think my teammates feel the same way.”

Fitz acknowledged he tried to talk Warner out of retiring — “I think everybody on the team did” — and admitted, “Whenever you lose a Hall of Fame player, it’s never good for your team.”

Fitz did talk about Warner’s basketball-playing ability, interestingly challenging Patrick (who I believe played some college basketball) to a one-on-one game with Warner. Hope Kurt is OK with that.

UPDATE: Fitz also told XTRA’s Mike Jurecki that strength and conditioning coach John Lott has a new contract and will be staying around, which obviously makes Fitz and Darnell Dockett — two huge Lott proponents — happy.

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