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Posted by Darren Urban on August 9, 2012 – 3:25 pm

The last stage of the training camp week away from training camp is over.

(It reminds me of one of the great George Carlin’s comedy bits of being on vacation and then going to another place while gone. “Supply lines become longer and harder to maintain!”)

I’m thinking it’s being embraced by the roster, after a couple of days in Canton (staying an hour away from the Hall of Fame), a trip to St. Joseph, Mo., for more dorm life, and now this trip into Kansas City for Friday night’s game against the Chiefs. What’s it been like? “Honestly, it’s been hell,” guard Daryn Colledge said, in the way only he can.

Colledge saw the joint practice with the Chiefs kind of like a game, so “we’ll end up with another one so that’s three in five days. The bed (at the dorm) is made up of a pallet with sandpaper on it and my sheet is similar to a dryer sheet. Hey, it’s not been the greatest stop in my life. There is a part of me looking forward to get back to Flagstaff. But it’s been good. The school has excellent facilities to practice and play in, everyone was nice. It was a good stop overall.”

Never thought I’d hear a player happy to be going back to Flagstaff. First though, there is the game against the Chiefs.

— We’ll see if Kevin Kolb plays at quarterback, but this will be John Skelton’s first start and that’s a big deal. Skelton hasn’t had the greatest of first-quarter showings. He looked steady in his 94-yard touchdown drive last week. That’d be huge if he could do that again.

— Watching the defense try to bang with Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis, the man is a load when he hits into the line. Considering the Cards struggled with tackling last game, he will be a test.

— As I have mentioned before, and this is my guess only, I’d think Ryan Williams won’t play one more week. But I’ll admit I won’t be shocked if he does.

— On the road I didn’t get a chance to re-watch last week’s game. I’ve had a lot of fans do so and talk about the offensive line, about guard Adam Snyder and tackle Levi Brown and mistakes they might have made. I’m going to try and watch the unit more this game. It, like the entire offense, could benefit from a faster start.

— If you haven’t seen it, there’s a good story about the friendship between Williams and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.

— There weren’t any scuffles in the joint practice this week. But a couple years ago, when there were some between the Cards and Titans in their joint practice, that came after the two teams played. Maybe the reverse will be true this time.

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