Dollars and sense

Posted by Darren Urban on May 5, 2010 – 11:32 am

There’s been a lot of talk about contracts the last couple of days. The 49ers gave an extension to linebacker Patrick Willis, the Saints re-upped guard Jahri Evans. The totals are reported to be $50 million or more for each (although we all know that’s what former Cards’ coach Dave McGinnis once called “Roger Rabbitt money,” since much of the back end of the deal will never been seen). Still Willis is getting $29 M guaranteed, and Evans figures to do well in that regard too (the details haven’t leaked — yet. UPDATE: Evans will get almost $26 M in the first three years).

Inevitably, guys sign deals and that perks up the ears of others looking for money (I would guess Deuce Lutui, looking for a long-term deal and still unsigned, noticed Evans’ news). Markets are set and the watch for the next guy begins. And sometimes the watching comes from the guy himself. Obviously defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is hoping for a new deal and it’s not surprising he not only has noticed new contracts but in general, tends to have money on his mind.

But Dockett seems to have dealt with his current issues better this offseason. Maybe it’s because fellow disgruntled teammate Anquan Boldin is no longer a teammate. Maybe it’s because Dockett and agent Drew Rosenhaus have had multiple chats with management this offseason and, even if they aren’t agreeing yet, both sides at least have an understanding where the other one is coming from. Maybe it’s because Dockett sees how the Adrian Wilson extension happened, and realizes there may be no reason to give himself an ulcer about it.

Dockett, although he had left his stance vague, has remained here the last couple of days doing the voluntary workouts, which hasn’t happened the previous two years. He came to the charity golf tournament Monday and, even though he doesn’t really golf, at least hung out a while and took a cart out on the course to see and be seen. I still think the Cardinals will give him the money he has earned. It may not come quite on the timetable he wanted, but I think it will eventually happen. I heard Dockett on XTRA 910 last week say (despite all his rhetoric on the subject) he’d like to stay in Arizona, be a career Cardinal, be with this coaching staff and leave a legacy.

Who knows? Maybe, the longer he stays here, he’ll eventually gain a golf game.

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