Wrapping up minicamp

Posted by Darren Urban on May 2, 2010 – 1:38 pm

Well, it’s over, but before I chase the half a day left this weekend, a few thoughts now that minicamp is over for 2010:

— The big thing some fans want to know is who looked good? And who didn’t? The bottom line, it all means very little this time of year. As Michael Adams said yesterday, “Minicamp depth charts don’t mean much.” It means really little for the linemen, who can’t line up and hit. If a quarterback is completing everything, does it resonate even though there is rarely any pass rush? And it’s even more fruitless to pass close attention to the rookies, who aren’t going to have a big impact out of the box regardless because of this team’s philosophy about first-year players. (And yes, there are exceptions. If the QB is terrible or the rookies are awful, sure it might mean bad things. But if they aren’t really bad — which rarely happens — my minicamp “truths” apply).

All that said, you do get a sense of receivers and defensive backs, because they are generally doing what they will always do. And my sense is there wasn’t much to see good or bad. The best receiver, in my mind, was Steve Breaston. The young guys were all decent. No one did anything to stand out from what I saw (although O.J. Jones always seems able to make a play when the ball comes his way).

— Coach Ken Whisenhunt wouldn’t say the Cards are going to run out and get a veteran cornerback. I know there have been reports tying the Cards to 10-year guy Will James, but again, I don’t see the need to rush. Get through OTAs and maybe even get through part or all of training camp before making a move. See what you really have here — and make sure you really sign a guy that can help and isn’t just another guy.

— Speaking of cornerback, Adams made a nice play on Larry Fitzgerald Sunday after being the one beat by Fitz’s dropped bomb Saturday. The best catch by Breaston Sunday came with Adams in perfect position. Those of us on the sideline watching had no idea how Breaston came up with the ball.

— The Cards were trying a bunch of rookies with punt and kickoff returns this weekend, in what looked like an effort just to see if they were OK with the basics. Andre Roberts, Stephen Williams, A.J. Jefferson, Jorrick Calvin, Marshay Green, Max Komar, Alfonso Smith and Juamorris Stewart all took turns catching from the JUGS machine. Those spots have a long, long, long way to go before anything shakes out.

— Dan Williams was working inside on the first-unit dime package, one of the few times a rookie got to play with a first-string group.

I have some other leftover notes to parcel out in the next few days. The charity golf tournament is tomorrow. Rookies are gone until OTAs start May 18. Back to the voluntary strength and conditioning work and, I suppose, the will-Deuce-Lutui-sign-his-tender-offer watch.

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Undrafted rookies and vet possibilities

Posted by Darren Urban on April 26, 2010 – 10:39 am

As expected the Cardinals are bringing in 10 undrafted rookie free agents. Many names have already been floated out there, but here’s the official list:

  • WR Juamorris Stewart (Southern)
  • RB Alfonso Smith (Kentucky)
  • QB Max Hall (BYU)
  • T Casey Knips (South Dakota St.)
  • WR Stephen Williams (Toledo)
  • CB AJ Jefferson (Fresno St.)
  • T Devin Tyler (Temple)
  • C David Moosman (Michigan)
  • WR Max Komar (Idaho)
  • CB Marshay Green (Mississippi)

The Cardinals are also bringing in two guys for minicamp on a tryout basis: WR Deryn Bowser and CB Justin Miller. Miller was a second-round pick in 2005 with the Jets and also has been with the Raiders. Bowser played at Akron this past season.

The look at Miller gives perspective of what the Cardinals are searching for cornerback support, if they actually sign a veteran. They aren’t going to chase a “name” free agent because they believe Greg Toler will be the starter. They want a veteran to serve in a reserve role, and many “name” guys would be looking to start I would think — and at least get some starter money.

The same goes with G Alan Faneca. GM Rod Graves told me this morning the Cardinals will likely touch base with Faneca’s agent, but I didn’t get the sense this is something the Cards will push for. The way I see it, Faneca definitely will be looking to start and I don’t think the Cards feel that’s the best direction to go in right now. If nothing else, it may spark Deuce Lutui to finally sign his tender offer, because at this point he surprisingly hasn’t and remains away from the team as minicamp approaches.

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