Bulluck goes to Giants

Posted by Darren Urban on July 24, 2010 – 6:56 pm

Apparently, veteran free-agent linebacker Keith Bulluck visited the Cards this past week (I knew that guy I saw talking to coach Ken Whisenhunt looked familiar) but in the end, decided to sign with the Giants instead of the Cards. Bulluck is from New York, so it probably wasn’t a fair fight, but according to’s story, Whisenhunt and Bulluck had a good conversation and the Cards wanted Bulluck to start for them in the middle — not a big surprise, given the uncertainty around the back-troubled Gerald Hayes. Bulluck tore up his knee late last season but has recovered. He was doing a chunk of his rehab here in Phoenix with Brett Fischer — who works with the Cardinals — so the Cards probably had pretty good intel on Bulluck’s recovery.

“I’m a New York dude — no way I can play anyplace else,” Bulluck told the website. “New York’s about toughness … the NFC East. That’s where I belong.”

We’ll see if the Cards keep looking around for linebackers or if Bulluck, who has been very good over his long career, was a special case.

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