Reassessing before round two

Posted by Darren Urban on April 23, 2010 – 9:26 am

As promised, there has been plenty of time to think between the end of the rapid-fire first round and day two, which starts at 3 p.m. Arizona time today (6 p.m. EST). And plenty of possibilities before the Cards end up on the clock with the 26th pick. Could they move up? I guess they could, but like yesterday, when they insisted they had no desire to trade up when Dan Williams starting falling because they had multiple players they would be happy with, I think the same goes for today.

ESPN has a pair of second-round mocks up. Mel Kiper has the Cards taking Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard. I don’t see that, frankly. Not receiver. Not now. A Scouts.Inc mock led by Todd McShay has the Cards taking TE Rob Gronkowski. Maybe. But that same mock has LB Daryl Washington slipping to the end of the round, and I don’t see that. I think the Cards would jump on him if that were the case. In Kiper’s world, Washington and Washington LB Donald Butler both go before the Cards pick. (Kiper has the Patriots, with a slew of second-round picks, taking both Washington and Gronkowski before the Cards pick). If it unfolds the way Kiper sees it, maybe Penn State’s Sean Lee, an ILB, is the choice.

Bottom line, it’s impossible to judge, because of team needs and scouting. The longer you go in the draft, the more varied each team will be on the players remaining. Unless some surprising mega-talent is sitting there on the Cards’ pick, I think they still go defense, and it still seems likely they go inside linebacker. So think Lee. Or Butler. Or maybe Washington, if he lasts.

As for the third round, my only guess is that a quarterback is a possibility. But if the Cards get a linebacker in round two, they will have options for their two third-round picks.

We’ll see later today.

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