A “carry-a-big-stick-type of dude” at LB

Posted by Darren Urban on May 9, 2013 – 8:56 pm

Kevin Minter was the Cardinals’ second-round draft pick, an inside linebacker from LSU who very well could be starting from day one. But he was also taken about an hour before Tyrann Mathieu, who obviously was a much bigger story and has stayed that way. Even Thursday Minter was reminded of it, during his own press conference (which happened to come after Mathieu’s). Minter was asked how he felt about being drowned out by the Mathieu spotlight.

“It is what it is,” Minter said, shrugging it off. “Tyrann was amazing (in college). Even though I was obviously picked before him, the guy was a playmaker.”

Minter will probably be heard from himself sooner rather than later as a Cardinal. That would probably have been true anyway, but with Daryl Washington to be suspended the first four games of the season, the Cards are going to need Minter.

“I feel like I’m a great leader,” Minter said. “I’m not necessarily a hoo-rah type of guy. I’m more of a speak-softly-carry-a-big-stick-type of dude.”

That’s not a bad kind of person to plug into the middle of the defense (although Minter is just 6-feet tall, which you notice when you see him in person.) He probably isn’t going to garner the same kind of attention Mathieu will (few in the NFL draft will, to be honest) but Minter didn’t come across as the guy sweating the spotlight. What he did do a few times was talk about how anxious he was to start playing, which begins Friday with rookie minicamp.

“I’ve got to make my presence felt,” Minter said. “I feel like I’m going to do that in these coming weeks.”

— The Cardinals are bringing in just five players to rookie minicamp on a tryout basis: QB Caleb TerBush (Purdue), C Mark Pratt (Youngstown State), C Adam Bice (Akron), TE Kyle Auffray (New Hampshire) and CB Reggie Topps (Utah).

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